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Comparative family policy analysisA Cross-National Comparison of Family PolicyPublic Policy Research Institute, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Eurobarometer-idealfamilysizeFamily Sizes in Europe: Evidence from the 2011 Eurobarometer SurveyMarita Rita Testa
Europe-lowest-low-fertilityThe Emergence of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe During the 1990sHans-Peter Kohler
Francesco C. Billari
Jose Antonio Ortega
Europe-subreplacement-emergenceThe emergence of sub-replacement family size ideals in EuropeJoshua Goldstein
Wolfgang Lutz
Maria Rita Testa
France-high-stable-fertilityFrance: High and stable fertilityLaurent Toulemon
Ariane Pailhe
Clementine Rossier
French-immigrant-fertilityFertility Among Immigrant Women in France: New Data, a New ApproachLaurent Toulemon
Idealfamilysize-constructvalidityEvidence bearing on the construct validity of "ideal family size"Roger B. Trent
Japan-babybustJapan's Baby Bust: Causes, Implications, and Policy ResponsesRobert D. Retherford
Naohiri Ogawa
Japan-fertility-by-educationTrends in fertility by education in Japan, 1966-2000Robert D. Retherford
Naohiri Ogawa
Rokiya Matsukura
Low-fertility-Austria-Germany-SwitzerlandFertility in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: Is There a Common Pattern?Tomáš Sobotka
Lowest-low-fertility-endThe end of "lowest-low" fertility?Joshua R. Goldstein
Tomas Sobotka
Aiva Jasilioniene
Migration-fertility-evidence-reviewMigration and Fertility: A Review of Theories and EvidencesRG Magelantle
K Navaneetham
Pritchett-desired-fertilityDesired Fertility and the Impact of Population PoliciesLant Pritchett
Religion-fertility-genesReligion, fertility, and genes: a dual inheritance modelRobert Rowthorn
Singapore-late-marriage-low-fertilityLate marriage and low fertility in Singapore: the limits of policyGavin Jones
Sweden-highfertilityWhy does Sweden have such high fertility?Jan M. Hoem
US-intendedfertility-idealfamilysizeIntended and Ideal Family Sizes in the United States, 1970-2002Kellie J. Hagewen
S. Philip Morgan
Urban-rural-fertility-differentialWhy Fertility Levels Vary between Urban and Rural Areas?Hill Kulu
Welfare-family-fertility-EuropeWelfare States, Family Policies, and Fertility in EuropeGerda Neyer
WesternEurope-idealfamilysize-immigrantsAttitudes towards ideal family size of different ethnic/nationality groups in Great Britain, France, and GermanyRoger Penn
Paul Lambert