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Abortion in Japan +Abortion in Japan  +
Abortion in Russia +Abortion in Russia  +
Abortion rate +Abortion rate  +, Abortion rate  +
Abortion ratio +Abortion ratio  +, Abortion ratio  +
Age distribution of mothers at birth in Japan +Age distribution of mothers at birth in Japan  +
Age distribution of mothers at birth in Russia +Age distribution of mothers at birth in Russia  +
Age-specific fertility rate +Age-specific fertility rate  +, Age-specific fertility rate  +
Age-specific mortality rate +Age-specific mortality rate  +, Age-specific mortality rate  +
Child-woman ratio +Child-woman ratio  +, Child-woman ratio  +
Comparative family policy analysis +Comparative family policy analysis  +, Comparative family policy analysis  +
Completed fertility in Austria +Completed fertility in Austria  +
Completed fertility in Bulgaria +Completed fertility in Bulgaria  +
Completed fertility in Estonia +Completed fertility in Estonia  +
Completed fertility in Finland +Completed fertility in Finland  +
Completed fertility in Japan +Completed fertility in Japan  +
Completed fertility in Norway +Completed fertility in Norway  +
Completed fertility in Portugal +Completed fertility in Portugal  +
Completed fertility in Russia +Completed fertility in Russia  +
Completed fertility in Slovakia +Completed fertility in Slovakia  +
Completed fertility in Sweden +Completed fertility in Sweden  +
Completed fertility in UK +Completed fertility in UK  +
Completed fertility in Ukraine +Completed fertility in Ukraine  +
Crude birth rate +Crude birth rate  +, Crude birth rate  +
Crude death rate +Crude death rate  +, Crude death rate  +
Crude marriage rate +Crude marriage rate  +, Crude marriage rate  +